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Preparing for Sedation Visit

Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry utilizes the services of Advanced Specialty Anesthesia to provide anesthesia. Continue reading to find their instructions to prepare for your sedation visit.

Nothing By Mouth (NPO) Instructions For In-Office Sedation

NPO is the standard medical abbreviation in giving instructions to administer no food or drink by mouth. If you are wondering how important is it to follow the instructions of no food or water by mouth, the answer is simple. These instructions are for your safety. Patients who have food or liquid filling their stomachs are at risk of this getting into their lungs during sedation. This can result in pneumonia or other health problems. No food or drink includes ice chips, water, gum, candy, food and breastfeeding. Consuming any of these can delay the procedure.

Please maintain a normal bedtime for children on the night prior to their appointment. It is important to not keep them up late and allow them food. Keeping a normal bedtime routine is important. Remember to have your child brush their teeth before bed.

Instructions for Morning Sedation Procedures

Morning procedures include all appointments that begin between 7am and noon.

  • Consume nothing by mouth after midnight prior to your appointment.
  • Prescription medications may be taken two hours before your appointment with a sip of water. If possible, take the medication as early as you can.
  • Do NOT brush your teeth or take a bath prior to your appointment.

Instructions for Afternoon Sedation Procedures:

Afternoon procedures include all appointments that begin between noon and 3pm.

  • A light breakfast consumed BEFORE 6:00 am is acceptable. The patient MUST finish eating before 6. Plain, unflavored water may be consumed until 9am. This meal may include a breakfast bar, cereal, protein shake or a piece of toast. Avoid meat and potato products. Nothing by mouth after 9am.
  • Do NOT brush your teeth or take a bath prior to your appointment.
  • If breastfed, your child may feed directly from breast until 8am. Do not use previously frozen breast milk via bottle. It is important to have at least a 4 hour nothing by mouth time frame.

Additional Instructions For Sedation Appointments

If your child has diabetes or any other medical concern, please make sure to let us know PRIOR to your appointment so we can provide additional instructions. Our team schedules appointments taking into account your child’s age and specific needs, especially any special considerations. We know how difficult it is to keep children from eating when they are hungry, HOWEVER please remember that these guidelines are for your child’s safety. Please do everything you can to follow these NPO instructions carefully.

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