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Special Needs Care

special needs treatment

Children with special needs may have advanced dental care needs. By creating a non-threatening and friendly environment, we hope to gain the confidence of even the most anxious child and take care of their dental needs in the most delicate and conscientious manner.

Pediatric dentists have two years of specialized training. A large portion of their education focuses on care for children with special medical needs. Pediatric dental offices are designed to be friendly and physically accessible for special needs. Pediatric dentists due to their specialized training are often the clinicians of choice for children with special needs. Our office will often continue to see these patients even through adulthood as your child is comfortable in our environment.

Depending on the dental needs of your child light sedation or deep sedation may be recommended to provide a greater amount of trust from your child. With specialized training in behavior management and sedation techniques you will be given a plan based on the specific health needs of your child, the specific technique will be explained with any risks, limitations and benefits.

So many times children with special needs have special dental needs. Those who require regular medication high in sugar are at greater risk for tooth decay. Others are unable to complete effective hygiene practices alone. The good news is dental disease is preventable and if dental care is started early good habits may be established early and maintained. We realize you and your child have spent many hours in either hospital rooms or doctor offices discussing how different your child may be. In the majority of cases your child is not dentally different than their peers.



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