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What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Kiser and the team at Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry go beyond cleaning your child’s teeth. They are committed to creating a relationship with each patient that makes the child feel comfortable in the office. Our team wants each child to look forward to dental visits so that a good foundation of oral care can be established and maintained through regular visits.

Little Chompers Vision statement is to BEE:

  • Bless Children
  • Educate Parents and the Community
  • Eliminate Cavities and Improve Oral Hygiene

Here are a few reasons our patients chose Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry:
– Dr. Kiser is the only full time dentist in Leavenworth with specialty training in pediatrics
– We accept insurance and Medicaid as no child deserves to be denied dental care
– We are committed to educating our patients and their parents to ensure good oral care early in life



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