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Meet Our Team

Tanna | Hygienist

Her favorite part of the job is providing a dental environment that kids are excited to return to, molding their experiences from a young age to help them achieve lifelong oral health. Tanna and her husband Matt have two beautiful babies, one daughter and one son. They are the joys of her life! On the weekend you can find her family going out to breakfast and spending time at the lake. Things you might not know about Tanna is her favorite color is black, she loves thrift shopping, and she has an obsession with buying shoes for her family.

Bri | Dental Assistant

Her favorite part about her job is caring for the little ones. She said “It is very rewarding to know you’ve turn the life in a positive way by educating kids about dental care and caring for their needs. Helping kids overcome fears of dental work is by far the best part of working with the kids. Bri and her husband have 2 huskies, Bailey and Jax. She loves when she comes home from work and those two are wagging their tails ready to see her! On the weekends she loves doing anything outside like going to wineries, going to the lake, floating, bonfires, or making memories with friends and family.

Courtney Brink Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry

Courtney | Dental Assistant

Courtney’s favorite part of her job here is working with the kids every day! She said that earning their trust and educating them on dental health is so rewarding. It’s so fun to see the patients get excited about their oral health! Courtney has 2 boys named Conway & Cruz. 3 things you may not know about Courtney is that she married her high school sweetheart, she was born and raised in Leavenworth, and everyone’s name (including pets) in her family starts with a “C” (which goes back to her great Grandpa. How cool!)

Rhiannon | Front Desk/DA

Her favorite part about working here is the interactions between the patients and parents. Being able to bless children in need and get to know them makes her heart very happy! Rhiannon has 3 of her own children and they are her world. Everything they do makes her smile. You can find Rhiannon playing board games with her family or just spending time with them without electronics on the weekends. It is so nice to unplug with family over the weekend!

Sadie | Dental Assistant

Her favorite part about her job is getting to meet different people and hear their stories. She loves how funny and brutally honest kids can be. On Saturdays you’ll find her doing anything outside, especially going for walks and playing frisbee. She also enjoys going to antique stores and making quilts on the weekend. Three things you might not know about Sadie is that she took 12 years of piano lessons, she’s been making quilts since she was eight and she has at least 40 of them. She brushes her dogs’ teeth every day because 80% of dogs have gingivitis or gum disease by the age of three.

Jordan Spicer Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry

Jordan | Dental Assistant

Jordan’s favorite part of her job is being goofy and telling jokes to her little patients! She said that “making them laugh and smile makes my job worthwhile.” Who wouldn’t want a job where you get to hang out with the coolest kids all day?! Her favorite decade must be the 2000’s. She loves everything about those years between the music, fashion, and movies. When she’s at home, you can find her cuddling with her 4 cats! They even tell her when it’s time to cuddle.

Taygan Pruett Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry

Taygan | Dental Assistant

Taygan’s favorite part about her job here is interacting with the kiddos and making them laugh and smile! Her ideal Saturday would be at the race track or hanging out with her family at the lake. Taygan’s family consists of her mom, dad, brother, and grandma. They are by her side no matter what! Three things you probably didn’t know about Taygan is that her favorite color is blue, she enjoys dirt track racing, and she loves to binge-watch her favorite shows on Netflix when she has free time. Say hello to Taygan next time you’re in our office!

Lauren B.| Dental Assistant

Lauren loves living vicariously through her patients by listening to their stories, favorite hobbies and interests; and watching sibling interactions. It is definitely her favorite thing about her job!  Her idea of a perfect night with her son is to go to Mongolian BBQ in Olathe where he always orders the same thing and she tries something new.  If she could live in any decade,  it would be the 60’s simply because of the culture, clothes and music.  Lauren’s ideal Saturday consists of having a slow morning, being outdoors in nature, or just taking in the scenery on a nice drive and listening to music!   Next time you are in the office, ask Lauren to share a random fact with you! It is something she enjoys; and a great way to engage and think outside of the box.

Shayla| Dental Assistant

Shayla’s favorite part of her job is building connections with patients and watching them overcome all fears of the dentist’s office.  Shayla has two kids, Wyatt and Audrey, that make her smile each day! Her favorite decade is the 60’s strictly for the Rock music and of course, the Jersey Boys!! Her favorite way to spend a Saturday is by trying out new hobbies, attending a musical, singing karaoke or going to a play at the theatre in town. Did you know Shayla got a golden ticket on American Idol, or that she loves romance movies? Say hi to Shayla the next time you are in the office. She might even show you how to juggle!

Susan Haas Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry

Susan | Front Desk/Patient Coordinator

Her favorite part of the job is working alongside the best coworkers. Susan loves the work environment here at Little Chompers. They all enjoy serving their patients the best they can day in and day out! She has 2 children, 4 grandkids, and another one due in January. Susan and her husband have been married for 31 years! Her favorite way to spend a Saturday is doing DYI projects with her husband and spending time with the grandkids.

Lauren | Office Manager

Her favorite part about working here is the rewarding factor when she is able to gain the trust of a patient, especially the younger ones. Trust is huge in a dental office! Lauren is a boy mom with two boys, ages six and one. They also have a 12 year old black lab named Milo who completes the family. Three things you may not know about Lauren is, she plays the violin, she has jumped out of an airplane, and she was once life flighted to KU Medical Center.



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