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Scary Sugary Treats

Scary Sugary Treats

Toooooooth decaaaaayyyyy! Okay – so monsters and ghosts probably aren’t moaning about the dangers sugar poses to your teeth this Halloween. But it’s indeed something important to take into consideration as your little princesses, super-heroes, black cats, and goblins go trick or treating this year. We’re not trying to ruin anyone’s fun, but we do want to help you remember healthy habits and recommend some healthy alternatives.

Healthy Habits

The very best defense against scary sugar is to keep up with everyday healthy oral hygiene. Make sure that kiddos brush and floss regularly and especially after sugary treats. As parents, you can help cut the sugar by checking labels. Remember that candy isn’t the only thing that has high sugar content. Sodas, sports drinks, and even some crackers have a lot of sugar in them too. When your kiddos consume these treats, sugar can be left on their teeth and lead to tooth decay. We don’t expect you to ask your children to avoid candy or sugar altogether! Just make sure that they brush and floss well after consuming sugary treats.

Candy Considerations

While there is sugar in most candies (that aren’t sugar-free), there are some that are easier on their teeth. Chocolate washes off of the teeth easily because it’s soft. When remembering what candies are hard on teeth, think of this rhyme – “Candy that’s sticky can be tricky!” Sticky and gummy candies are often hard to clean from teeth so be sure to brush extra well after those treats. And watch out for hard candies that can potentially break or damage teeth.

Alternative Treats

Think sugar-free when going with alternative treats. Sugar-free candy and sugar-free gum are both great choices. Cheese sticks, popcorn, no sugar added applesauce, and pretzels are all great things to consider too! And remember that treats don’t necessarily have to be food. Pencils, stickers, temporary tattoos, and other fun goodies make great treats too. Another fun idea is to hand out a bottle of water with or as your Halloween treats. Not only does it give teeth a quick rinse after snacking, but it helps keep little trick-or-treaters hydrated.

Happy Halloween

We know that trick or treating and Halloween is so fun for families. We’d never expect you to miss out on all the excitement of this time of year. But don’t let Halloween be scary for your teeth. Remember that it’s important to practice good oral health now to keep your kids’ mouths healthy all year long.

Candy Buy Back

Don’t forget that Little Chompers wants your candy! Come into the office the week after Halloween during office hours and donate your Halloween candy! We will pay $1 per pound of candy. See you and your candy loot soon and happy tick-or-treating!




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