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Sadie | Dental Assistant

Sadie is one of our dental assistants here at Little Chompers. Her favorite part about her job is getting to meet different people and hear their stories. She loves how funny and brutally honest kids can be. If she could choose a theme song or a walkout song for her life she would choose She’ll Leave You With a Smile by George Strait. She said that she’s always smiling so it just seems to be contagious and always makes other people smile. Her favorite local restaurant in the area is Abe’s Place. Her favorite thing to order there is the crab rangoon pizza. Yum! On Saturdays you’ll find her doing anything outside, especially going for walks and playing frisbee. She also enjoys going to antique stores in making quilts on the weekend. Three things you might not know about Sadie is that she took 12 years of piano lessons, she’s been making quilts and she was eight and she has at least 40 of them, and she brushes her dogs’ teeth every day because 80% of dogs have gingivitis or gum disease by the age of three. Next time you’re in the office tell Sadie you are glad to get to know her!



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