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Rhiannon | Front Desk/DA

Rhiannon is a Dental Assistant and she helps out at the front desk here at Little Chompers. Her favorite part about working here is the interactions between the patients and parents. Being able to bless children in need and get to know them makes her heart very happy! Rhiannon has 3 children, and they are her world. Everything they do makes her smile. Her silver lining this past year is purchasing a house and getting engaged. She is very excited to start her new family and looking forward to all the memories they will make. You can find Rhiannon playing board games with her family or just spending time with them without electronics on the weekends. It is so nice to unplug with family over the weekend! Three random facts about Rhiannon are that she is allergic to spinach, her favorite color is purple, and she hates snakes with a passion.



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