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Tanna | Registered Dental Hygienist

Tanna is a Registered Dental Hygienist here at Little Chompers. Her favorite part of the job is providing a great experience in education so that patients can achieve lifelong healthy oral care and health. Tanna and her husband Matt have two beautiful babies, one daughter, and one son. They are the joys of her life! A silver lining in her life last year was that her son was born the week before the shutdown. He kept them very busy, and they also got to spend a lot of extra time with their daughter as a whole family. On the weekend you can find her family going out to breakfast and spending time at the lake. If she could spend a day however Tanna wanted (with no financial limits) she would buy a neighborhood for all of her family and friends to live together. How fun is that? A few things you might not know about Tanna is that her favorite color is black, she loves thrift shopping, and she is obsessed with buying shoes for her family.



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