At Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry, we want to ensure that everyone has access to affordable dental care. We accept most insurance plans and Medicaid.

We assist in maximizing your insurance benefits and will file insurance claims on your behalf. The patient pays the estimated portion (as calculated by the practice) at the time of the service. Any estimate given to you by the practice is purely an estimate. The insurance companies do not guarantee any payment until they receive the claim, review it, and process it according to the specific plan allowable, deductibles and co-pays. If there is a balance after the claim is filed and insurance payment is received, a bill will be generated and sent to the patient for immediate payment. If the claim has not been paid in 45 days, we require you pay the balance using one of the approved payment methods.

Little Chompers believes all kids in our area should be able to receive the dental treatment they need. However, we understand that not all families have dental insurance coverage and that makes things challenging when treatment is needed. Our team created a dental discount plan to offer to our families who do not have dental coverage. Visit our Blog to learn more about our Healthy Chompers Plan!

We accept Cash, Electronic Funds Transfer through checking or saving accounts and all major credit cards.