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Are Dental X-Rays Safe for Kids?

If pediatric dentists could choose to have a superpower, most of them would probably wish for x-ray vision. Why? Because x-rays provide valuable diagnostic information that your child’s dentist just can’t see with the naked eye. But since most pediatric dentists (including Dr. Kiser and Dr. Cocjin) are still waiting for their superpowers to reveal themselves, x-rays machines will have to do for now.
Are X-Rays Safe? 
Many parents wonder if dental x-rays are safe for their child or toddler. The truth is that, yes, x-rays do expose your child to radiation. But the good news is that the amount of radiation is so small, they are very low risk. Additionally, the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry says that the use of x-rays is safe for children and toddlers.
Modern x-ray machines are safer than ever before, and we always make sure to use the lowest radiation dose needed. Our office uses the most advanced technology available so you can rest assured that dental x-rays are safe for your child. If you are still concerned, be sure to request a leaded apron for your child.
Why X-Rays are Needed
There are just too many areas of the mouth that a dentist can’t see during a regular exam. Like under the gums or inside the teeth, for instance. This is where x-rays come in. Here are some examples of what x-rays can do:
  • See how permanent teeth are developing
  • Make sure there is enough room in the mouth for permanent teeth to come in
  • Check that baby teeth are falling out quickly enough for permanent teeth to come in safely
  • To see if wisdom teeth are starting to develop
  • To check for decay
Types of X-Rays
  • Bitewing – this looks at the crowns of the upper and lower teeth in one area of the mouth at a time.
  • Periapical – this x-ray looks at just one or two teeth at a time and shows everything from crown to root
  • Occlusal – these are used to see how teeth fit together when your child bites down
  • Panoramic – this x-ray shows your child’s entire mouth in one x-ray, including the upper and lower jaws
  • Cephalometric – this shows the teeth and jaw by taking an image of the entire side of your child’s head.
We’re Here to Help
It’s natural to want to make sure that every procedure your child undergoes is safe. Please know that our team is here to make sure your child is safe, healthy, and comfortable. We will never do anything to put them in harm’s way, and that includes x-rays. If you have any questions, please let us know. Our team is more than happy to talk you through every step until you are comfortable.


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