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Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry | Meet Our Team

Brianna | Dental Assistant

Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry | Meet Our Team

Brianna is a Dental Assistant here at Little Chompers and she is wonderful at what she does. Her favorite part of working here is the before and after when the teeth are brushed. The patient is always so surprised to see their new smile and that’s just the best feeling seeing their face light up! Brianna has a daughter and when she laughs, it melts Brianna’s heart. Brianna’s favorite part of the day is when she comes home from work, her daughter always runs to the door and yells, “Mom!”. Her silver lining this past year has been being able to spend more time with her daughter. There is just nothing like family time. Three random facts about Brianna are that she’s left-handed, she hates scary movies, and her favorite color is burgundy. Don’t forget to say a big hello to Brianna next time you are in the office!



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