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Rhiannon is a Dental Assistant and she helps out at the front desk here at Little Chompers. Her favorite part about working here is the interactions between the patients and parents. Being able to bless children in need and get to know them makes her heart very happy! Rhiannon has 3 children, and they are … Continued

Scary Sugary Treats

Scary Sugary Treats

Toooooooth decaaaaayyyyy! Okay – so monsters and ghosts probably aren’t moaning about the dangers sugar poses to your teeth this Halloween. But it’s indeed something important to take into consideration as your little princesses, super-heroes, black cats, and goblins go trick or treating this year. We’re not trying to ruin anyone’s fun, but we do … Continued

Amanda is one of our wonderful Dental Assistants here at Little Chompers. Her favorite part of working here is the kids. She loves how they are so pure and the fact that the world hasn’t tainted them yet. This reminds her daily that the world is still good! If she had to pick her theme … Continued

How does dental insurance work? Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry

It’s a big decision choosing a pediatric dentist for your child. We know that you only want the best. One of the questions we’re asked about a lot from the parents of our new patients is, “Do you take dental insurance.” And the answer is simple – YES! We are committed to providing affordable service and … Continued

Bri is one of our dental assistants here at Little Choppers. Her favorite part about her job is caring for the little ones. She said “It is very rewarding to know you’ve turned the life in a positive way by educating kids about dental care and caring for their needs. Helping kids overcome fears of … Continued

baby dentist

Do you know when kids should go to the dentist for the first time? It is hard to believe, but tooth decay can begin at age one. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, children should see a pediatric dentist for an exam when their first tooth appears or no later than their first … Continued

healthy snack

We are so excited for summer to be here! With kids being out of school and at home, it is important to have some healthy snack ideas for the summer months. The Little Chompers Pediatric Dentistry doctors understand that it is difficult to keep them away from sugary summer foods like soda and ice cream, … Continued

Taygan is one of our amazing dental assistants on the Little Chompers team. Her favorite part about her job here is interacting with the kiddos and making them laugh and smile! There is absolutely nothing like it. Taygan’s favorite restaurant in town is Olive Garden. She orders their chicken alfredo every time she eats there! Her … Continued

dental health month

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? The Little Chompers team loves to help kids learn about the importance of keeping their teeth clean and eating a well balanced diet. We feel that the earlier children learn about oral health, the better their habits will be as they get older. Oral … Continued

What are knee to knee exams

When you think about taking your kids to the dentist, you probably are envisioning older kids who are capable of brushing their own teeth. In reality, your kids need to see a pediatric dentist well before they’re able to use a toothbrush on their own. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children see … Continued



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