Amanda is one of our wonderful Dental Assistants here at Little Chompers. Her favorite part of working here is the kids. She loves how they are so pure and the fact that the world hasn’t tainted them yet. This reminds her daily that the world is still good! If she had to pick her theme or “walk out” song she would choose, I Hope I Dance by Lee Ann Womack. Amanda loves the 90’s. She says, “Give me all the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and a hairbrush!” Her favorite way to spend her Saturday is on her motorcycle or spending time with her 3 dogs, Paxton, Paisley and Gracie. A few fun things about Amanda would be, she hates shopping, she is funny, and she loves when her dog licks her feet. Next time you’re in the office, say hello to Amanda!

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